Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Private Driver’s liability is limited to driving the customer using his or her vehicle to the destination stated on this invoice / contract.

We are not responsible for fire, theft, loss or damage to your personal property under any circumstances. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any damage caused by a brake failure or poor condition of the vehicle or its parts.

You agree that your vehicle is properly insured.
In the event of an accident, the company’s liability is limited to what is stated in the car insurance policy in accordance with the UAE car insurance policy.

The company’s maximum liability shall be limited to fare refunds.
The Private Driver reserves the right to stop the vehicle and suspend service once if the customer abuses him in a manner that could endanger the lives of both the customer and the safe driver.

If the vehicle breaks down while traveling or on the way to your destination, the designated driver will attempt to arrange an alternative at the discretion of the company.

Unfinished parts cannot be refunded.
We shall not be liable or liable for missed appointments due to traffic jams and / or vehicle breakdowns and / or bad weather.
We are not responsible for any defects in your vehicle. If this makes the vehicle unusable, only if it proves to be due to our negligence.

We reserve the right to change prices regardless of whether you notify us of your destination. If you cancel or modify your reservation within one hour of the agreed time, you will be responsible for the charges.
You agree not to be distracted while the Service is in progress to ensure the safety of both you and your individual driver on the road.

Acceptance of Service means that you have read and acknowledged that you have agreed to the above agreement.
If you incur a fine or accident during our service,

please report it to us as soon as possible, but at least within 7 days of unloading your vehicle. You can send an email to “info@superdrive.ae”. If you make a false report 7 days after the accident, we will not be liable or liable for any loss,

damage, modification or delay, including traffic violations.You can book a driver through our easy reservation system for a day or night, it does matter how many stops you make throughout the drive.

A safe driver will reach your location on time in well professional attire and is ready to take you to the requested destination. When you’re ready to leave, he will take you back home safely

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Super Drive is an on-demand car service that allows users to book a ride in any of the available cars within their area.The website is used to book a ride either by using the website live chat or by using whats app.The rates vary depending on where they want to go and which type of car they choose.

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