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Welcome to super drive Private Driver Dubai , where you can make the most of your journey with our awesome cars. Our experience in this industry has made us the best at what we do, and we guarantee you a top quality private chauffeur service.

Our fleet of extravagant cars will never let you down and you are sure to experience a comfortable and smooth ride when you are on the road.
Arrive in style Choose from our fleet of pristine and dignified vehicles. we offer a car for every occasion: executive meetings, milestone celebrations, the party of the year. Each boasts sophisticated and comfortable interiors, increased privacy and engines powerful enough to brave Dubai rain-soaked roads.

Arrive on time Your driver arrives 15 minutes early to leave room for unforeseen events. Our drivers also take traffic into account so you won’t be late. Backed by a wealth of experience, our experienced chauffeurs know how to get around Dubai by heart. You don’t have to worry about navigating the confusing city roads.

Arrive Safely You will take the safest and most obstacle-free route to reach your destination. Safety is a priority: when driving, our drivers take into account road conditions, as well as legal traffic and speed limits. Licensed and trained as PCOs, they follow strict protocol to ensure the safety of everyone, especially clients.

Arrive on time for your events Whether it is a business trip or a social event, you will find a vehicle from our fleet that is perfect for the occasion. Our classic black cars reflect the refined taste of the passenger. Whatever the event, our drivers will arrive early, smartly dressed and informed of the day’s itinerary.

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Over 2,000+ Customers

  • Our drivers will drive you safely and on time to the designated location.
  • We have 10 years of experience driving executive cars.
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Super Drive is an on-demand car service that allows users to book a ride in any of the available cars within their area.The website is used to book a ride either by using the website live chat or by using whats app.The rates vary depending on where they want to go and which type of car they choose.

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