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You can contact us anytime 24 hours by WhatsApp during which time we respond within 1 minute. Just send us your location pin and make sure your phone is charged, your phone’s volume is loud and you can meet us at the entrance at the indicated arrival time.

You can book a driver for any desired time 24/7. We can drop you off anywhere in the UAE. For trips within Dubai we charge Dh 80

. Payable in cash.We can make a personal driver available on a recurring basis; either full-time or part-time. Perhaps to drive you to work every day. We provide all of our drivers with transportation to your location ensuring you have a hassle-free service. Our chauffeurs are very experienced drivers that abide strictly by the traffic laws in the UAE
They will ensure your car is in safe hands. Contact us by WhatsApp or at

24/7 Customer Support

Over 2,000+ Customers

  • Our drivers will drive you safely and on time to the designated location.
  • We have 10 years of experience driving executive cars.
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Super Drive is an on-demand car service that allows users to book a ride in any of the available cars within their area.The website is used to book a ride either by using the website live chat or by using whats app.The rates vary depending on where they want to go and which type of car they choose.

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